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CTG Group completes the acquisition of Duke Energy assets in Brazil

China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), through CTG International, CTG Brasil and other relevant subsidiaries, completed today the acquisition of Duke Energy’s assets in Brazil, which was announced in October. Through the transaction, whose enterprise value is US$ 1.2 billion, CTG Brasil increases its installed capacity to 8.27 GW under its management and in proportional equity holdings.

The assets include eight hydropower plants with a total installed capacity of 2,242 MW, located on the Paranapanema River, and two small hydropower plants with a total installed capacity of 16 MW each, located on the Sapucaí-Mirim River, in the state of São Paulo.

“We are ending 2016 on a very positive note,” said Li Yinsheng, CEO of CTG Brasil. “The acquisition of Duke Energy’s assets adds to our portfolio and makes us an even stronger company in Brazil, a country in which we believe and chose to invest with a long-term vision. These assets are a benchmark in terms of operations, maintenance, sustainability, health and safety”, said Li Yinsheng.

With the acquisition of these assets, CTG will strive to combine within CTG Brasil the best practices of the hydroelectric industry from Brazil, the US and China.

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CTG Brasil sponsors Phototruck project

In times of immediate clicks and “selfies” on social networks, the ImageMagica organization takes photo workshops to public institutions as a way of reflecting the world around them.

This year, the organization travels Brazil with PhotoTruck, a tailor-made truck for ImageMagica’s educational activities. The mobile unit allows the development of workshops, from photo booth to optical toys.

With the sponsorship of CTG Brasil, the second largest private power generator in Brazil, the project visits Abdon Batista (SC), Cerro Negro (SC), Castilho (SP), Ilha Solteira (SP), Três Lagoas (MS), Selvíria (MS), Caçu (GO) and Itarumã (GO). Altogether, more than 8 public institutions will be attended, involving approximately 2,500 students in educational activities. The sponsorship was done via Rouanet law.

In each municipality, PhotoTruck will visit a public school, where it will hold two days of workshops with more than 250 students.

The main activity involves producing a photo and a message to the world. The images will be made with the Camino mobile application, also developed exclusively by ImageMagica. At the end of the two workshop days, the images produced will be printed and will be part of a large  exhibition on the walls of the schools, involving everyone in this artistic action.


CTG purchases Duke Energy´s Brazilian business

China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) through its subsidiaries CTG International and CTG Brasil announced today it has reached an agreement to purchase 100% of Duke Energy assets in Brazil. CTG Corporation will acquire Duke Energy’s assets in Brazil for US$1.2 billion enterprise value.

With this acquisition, CTG strengthens its Brazilian subsidiary, as a top-tier clean energy generator in Brazil.  After the acquisition is complete, CTG Brasil will increase its clean energy generation portfolio by 2.27 GW, reaching a total of 8.27 GW of capacity under its management and on proportional equity holdings.

“This transaction is another important step in our strategy to become a relevant clean energy company in Brazil. We are pleased with the quality of assets, which are being operated in harmony with local communities and the environment,” says Li Yinsheng, CEO of CTG Brasil.

Duke Energy Brazil owns 2,274 MW of power generation facilities. It has eight hydroelectric plants with 2,257 MW of capacity located on the border between the states of Sao Paulo and Parana and owns two small hydroelectric plants, each with a capacity of 17 MW, located on the Sapucai Mirim River in northern Sao Paulo State.

The completion of the transaction is conditioned on approvals in Brazil from ANEEL and CADE (Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Economica), the required approvals by Chinese authorities, as well as other conditions precedent customary to this type of transaction.

CTG´s financial advisor is Bank of America Merrill Lynch and its legal advisors are White & Case LLP and TozziniFreire Advogados.

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CTG Brasil takes over the operation of the Ilha Solteira and Jupiá hydropower plants

CTG Brasil today took over the operation of the Ilha Solteira and Jupiá hydropower plants, both located on Paraná River, on the border between the States of Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo. The company acquired both concessions in an auction organized by the Brazilian government in November 2015, with an award payment of R$ 13.8 Bn.

The acquisition of the Ilha Solteira and Jupiá hydropower plants, which have a combined installed capacity of 5 GW, makes CTG Brasil the second largest private energy generation company in Brazil, with an installed capacity of 6 GW. The company entered the Brazilian market in 2013 with the aim of combining Brazil’s and China’s expertise to generate green energy solutions.

On June 30, Rio Paraná, a 100% subsidiary of CTG Brasil, which owns the Ilha Solteira and Jupiá hydropower plants, paid the remaining 35% of the concession’s value. The first tranche of R$ 9 Bn was paid in January this year. The award payment was made through a combination of equity and debt.

CTG Brasil’s teams in Ilha Solteira and Jupiá will be mostly formed by professionals who have worked in these plants, which were previously operated by Companhia Energética de São Paulo (CESP). CTG Brasil has made its best efforts to hire the employees of both hydropower plants, presenting job offers to everyone. So far, 84% of the plants employees have accepted to join CTG Brasil’s team.

During the transition period, CTG Brasil identified areas requiring investments in operational improvements and outlined social and environmental programs involving the surrounding communities. In addition to complying with all the applicable laws and regulations, the company intends to build a close relationship with the communities around the plants.

“We are very happy that we have successfully completed the six-month transition period and are proud to be assuming the operations of two landmark projects in the Brazilian energy generation market,” commented Li Yinsheng, CEO of CTG Brasil. “The talent of our teams will help CTG Brasil become a relevant player in Brazil’s energy market, generating green energy solutions for the future”.

China Three Gorges

China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) is a clean energy group focused on large-scale hydropower development and operation. CTG is also engaged in renewable energy businesses including wind and solar power.

Present in 40 countries, CTG is the world´s largest producer of hydroelectric power with an installed capacity of about 100 GW, both under operation and construction.

In 2015, CTG produced 200.98 TWh of electricity and posted operating revenues of US$ 10.12 billion and net income of US$ 4.63.

CTG began as the company responsible for building and operating the world´s largest hydropower plant: the Three Gorges and other large plants in the Yangtze River, China.

CTG Brasil

China Three Gorges Corporation has chosen Brazil as a priority country in its international growth strategy. Since it arrived in the country, in 2013, it formed strategic alliances with recognized industry players with strong local presence.

To grow sustainably, CTG Brasil has steadily increased its investments to become an ever-more relevant clean energy company. It currently is the second largest private power company in the country, with installed capacity of 6 GW.

The company relies on the dedication of its local teams and is guided by its long-term commitment to contribute to the Brazilian energy matrix, acting in a socially responsible manner and and respecting the environment.


Wind power: Baixa do Feijão starts commercial operation

With 60 wind turbines, totalizing 120 MW of capacity, Baixa do Feijão wind farms I to IV, located in the city of Jandaíra, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, are already in commercial operation.

Each of the farms has 30 MW of capacity, with 15 turbines, all connected to the substation João Câmara III (138 kV). With an average of 57.6 MW of Physical Guarantee, the group works started in 2014 and is a result of the strategic partnership with EDP Renováveis.

With these four farms operation start, CTG Brasil, which holds 49% stake in the enterprise, now count on 100 MW of wind power already in operation.

The company also holds a 49% stake in Jericó, Aroeira and Umbuzeiro farms, also located in Rio Grande do Norte, and with operation start expected to 2018. The concession for Baixa do Feijão operation is expected to end in January 2036.


Cachoeira Caldeirão anticipates in eight months the starting of operations

The hydroelectric plant Cachoeira Caldeirão, located in the Araguari river (State of Amapá – Brazil), is ready to start the commercial operation of its first generating unit with an installed capacity of 73 MW.

Important CTG Brazil’s investment, the hydroelectric begins to operate eight months before the contractual obligation. Generating units UG02, UG03, both with installed capacity of 73 MW, are in advanced stage of commissioning for gradual achievement of test and commercial operation.

The HPP Cachoeira Caldeirão has an installed capacity of 219 MW and 129.7 MW of assured power. The project includes investments of R$ 1.1 billion and has 100% of its assured energy sold at Auction A-5, December 2012. The end of the concession is in 2046.

With the project, CTG Brazil, a subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation, the largest producer of hydroelectric power energy in the world, is taking another step to become a relevant company in the Brazilian market for clean energy.


CTG Brasil’s second energy sales auction was successfully conducted

CTG Brasil’s second auction in the country for the commercialization of  energy in the free market was successfully conducted on April 6, 2016.

The auction, which presented for sale a product with duration of three years to power generators, energy traders and free consumers, has met the company’s goals.


CTG wins award for the acquisitions of Brazilian projects

On January 12, the 4th Economic and Financial Forum of BRICS Countries was held in Beijing. Themed “New Horizons for the BRICS: Intergrowth and Integrated Development”, the forum brought together over 200 authorities, experts and scholars from the political and business circles of the BRICS countries.

Zhu Guangyao, Vice Minister of Finance; Guo Weimin, Deputy Director of the State Council Information Office; Roberto Jaguaribe, Brazilian Ambassador to China; Zhang Shaogang, Director of the Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs, Ministry of Commerce; Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President of New Development Bank BRICS; Dolana Msimang, South African Ambassador to China; Tomikhin Evgeny Yurievich, Minister Counselor of the Russian Embassy in China; Namgya C. Khampa, Trade & Commerce Counselor of the Indian Embassy in China; Rui Wanjie, Deputy Director of the United Nations Development Programme; Wang Guangtao, former Minister of Construction and other leaders delivered speeches at the forum.

China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) was granted the “Award for Best Overseas Investment Project of Chinese Enterprises” for acquiring the concession of Ilha Solteira and Jupia Hydropower Plant in Brazil. Sha Xianhua, Executive Vice President of CTG, received the award on behalf of CTG and delivered speech. “This is the full recognition of CTG’s overseas operations, the “globalization” of Chinese enterprises, and the BRICS countries’ efforts in vigorously developing clean energy and green hydropower”, said him.

Ilha Solteira and Jupia Hydropower Plant have a total installed capacity of nearly 5000 MW. CTG’s investments in Brazil will make a positive contribution to the development of Brazil’s low carbon cyclic economy and the improvement of its capacity for energy safety, further deepen the economic, commercial and technological contacts between the two countries, and promote the exchange and cooperation between the two sides.


CTG Brasil signs the concession of Jupiá and Ilha Solteira

CTG Brasil signed on Tuesday (05/01), at a ceremony with the presence of the interim Minister of Mines and Energy, Mr. Luiz Eduardo Barata, the Chairman of the China Three Gorges Corporation, Mr. Lu Chun and  the Chinese Ambassador Mr. Li Jinzhang, the concession agreement of the hydropower plants (HPPs) Jupiá and Ilha Solteira for the next 30 years. CTG Brasil will be the first foreign company alone to take over the management of a hydroelectric plant in Brazil.

During the ceremony, Mr. Barata said that the country values ​​the participation of foreign investors in infrastructure projects, such as the energy sector. “Despite the great challenges we are facing at this moment, Brazil, in particular the energy sector, remains one of the main destinations for international investment,” he said.

In his speech, Mr. Lu Chun, said that large hydro are part of China Three Gorges DNA and, although the company is only two years in the country, it is already present in ten Brazilian states. “We want to expand our presence in the country by investing in clean energy,” he said.

Mr. Lu Chun also recognized the importance of the two plants to the Brazilian generation park. “CTG will comply with all requirements of the concession agreement. We are a responsible company “, he added.

CTG Brasil won the two plants concession in the auction held on November 25, 2015 and the total concession fee is R$13.8Billion. The company has paid 65% of it and the remaining 35% will be paid in 180 days.

Jupiá and Ilha Solteira has an installed capacity of 4,995 MW. With this acquisition, CTG Brasil becomes the second largest generator of energy with private capital in the country.