CTG Brasil presents R&D projects at the IXth Congress of Technological Innovation in Electric Energy, in João Pessoa (State of Paraiba)

CTG Brasil will present four Research and Development projects at the IXth Congress of Technological Innovation in Electric Energy (CITENEL), which will take place from August 2 to August 4 in João Pessoa (State of Paraiba). Promoted by ANEEL, CITENEL is the biggest event for energy companies such as CTG Brasil to disclose their technological innovations.

This is the first time that CTG Brasil participates in the event, as a diamond sponsor. At its stand, the company, which is Brazil’s second largest private energy generator, will also present a bit of its history and investments in the country. “CITENEL is a great opportunity to share our research and development strategy, focused on technological innovation in the sector, in addition to identifying new opportunities for strategic partnerships,” said Carlos Nascimento, R&D manager at CTG Brasil.

Among the projects that the company will present at the event is the VANT – an unmanned aircraft for the remote monitoring of preservation areas surrounding hydropower plant reservoirs. There will be a demonstration of prototypes, developed in partnership with students and professors of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora.

The “Cost-Benefit Evaluation of Socio-Environmental Programs in the Surrounding Areas of Hydro Power Plants” project is an econometric analysis methodology to evaluate whether or not resources allocated to an initiative can be justified by its results and impacts in a more tangible way. This project is one of the highlights of the event and will be presented orally and published in the proceedings of the event.

The theme of CITENEL’s 2017 edition is “Innovation and Integration: Local Responses to Global Challenges”. In addition to the technical sessions, there will be panels with national and international experts, who will discuss strategic themes for innovation and competitiveness of the Brazilian electric sector.

Two other projects are included in CTG Brasil’s portfolio at CITENEL. One of them is “Controlling infestations by golden mussels via genetic silencing”, which is aimed at using synthetic biology to eradicate the golden mussel by acting on its reproductive capacity.

The fourth project is “Development of solar photovoltaic concentrators”, which has been developed in partnership with researchers from the University of Uberlândia. It is aimed at developing cutting-edge national technologies in order to make them economically viable in Brazil, so that photovoltaic plants can be added to the energy potential of hydroelectric power plants. Nascimento added: “The event is a unique moment to have exchanges on different experiences and discussions on current regulation”.

Event information:
IXth Congress of Technological Innovation in Electric Energy (CITENEL)
Date: August 2-4
Venue: João Pessoa Convention Center, in João Pessoa (PB)