CTG and Itaipu sign partnership in China

China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), represented by its executive vice president, Lin Chuxue, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Itaipu, which was represented by its Brazilian director general, Luiz Fernando Leone Vianna, on September 2nd, in Beijing, China. The partnership aims to establish a cooperation agreement between the two companies for joint research and development activities in the fields of energy, sustainable development and promotion of hydropower as a clean and renewable energy source.

CTG and Itaipu will first elaborate a specific project to then define a work plan with goals to be achieved, timeline, methodologies and the respective responsibilities of both companies.

As part of the cooperation agreement, the companies plan joint technical seminars; sectoral technical seminar; an exchange program for young engineers between the Itaipu and Three Gorges hydropower plants; research scholarships for Chinese, Brazilian and Paraguayan researchers in projects of interest to the sector; the creation and strengthening of centres or technology parks linked to the two hydropower plants and cooperation in social responsibility and regional development projects.

Cooperation between CTG and Itaipu began even before the construction of the Three Gorges hydropower plant in China, more than 20 years ago, Chinese engineers involved in the project came to Brazil to learn from the Brazilians and the Itaipu plant.